DNA Test

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Test Type: Home test, simple saliva swab.

DNA Test

$225 – $525 USD
Find out how DNA testing for health and wellness provides tailored health solutions for your diet, exercise and lifestyle regimen. Be proactive with your preventative care 4 options of tests that can be done separately or chose the option to do all at once:
  • dietPower: eat right for your DNA, 100+ genetic variations tested.
  • exercise for your DNA, 50+ genetic variations tested.
  • healthPower: live healthy for your DNA, 35+ genetic variations tested
  • brainPower: be proactive for your DNA 15+ genetic variations tested.
  • totalPower: all 4 tests (diet, fit, health, brain)
DNA Test
  • FitPower – $225 USD
  • DietPower – $225 USD
  • HealthPower – $225 USD
  • BrainPower – $225 USD
  • TotalPower – $525 USD
Having trouble deciding which one is the right for you? Check out their website:

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