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Are you ready to be Health Ignited?

Community and connection. The two things we need in today’s world to shift our health mentally, emotionally, and physically. Over the last 10 years of working with individuals and families we have come to see that we may all present with different challenges, but the foundational cause is the same, disconnect.

This tribe is created for those that are ready to step up into action and receive the healing and empowerment they deserve. There is A LOT of information at our fingertips which causes confusion and stress. Our goal with this platform is to connect with all of you and give you the information you need for vitality in all areas of life.

Feel Supported Through Your Health Journey

Here's how this
club will help you

The Health Ignited Club Perks:

Online Coaching Calls

Once a month with Drs.Nick and Sonya Jensen and other experts, to discuss the monthly topic

Free Access to Online Programs

On-demand access to pre-recorded programs the moment you join!

Exclusive Discounts

Save 10% on supplements Fullscript account and in clinic supplements. You will also get a chance to upgrade to our LIVE online programs at a discounted price.

Members Only Resources

Handouts, cheat sheets, webinars, charts, ebooks, our favourite books, recipes, biohacking tools, supplements, etc.


Adding more resources on our the monthly topic.

Monthly Kriyas and Meditations

Each month has a specific focus to support your mind body connection.

Drs.Jensens Greatest Hits

We will share one of our past Podcasts or Webinars to help dive deeper into the monthly topic!

Surprise Bonuses!

As life happens we will share and add more benefits on the go. Could be a few cooking classes and/or lifestyle tools.

Private Facebook Community

Receive additional information on the monthly topic, share your journey, interact with other members and ask questions!

Our Programs

pms - Drs Jensen | Hormone health, Detoxification, Longevity


Dive deep into understanding the hormones and how dysfunction in this system can manifest. Learn the different supplements and strategies that can help keep your hormones in check!
Drs Jensen | Hormone health, Detoxification, Longevity

Metabolic Upgrade

Reset your relationship with your mind, body, and food in this 4 week program designed to shift your life.
Drs Jensen | Hormone health, Detoxification, Longevity

Detox Fix

Unique 3-month program that covers all aspects of detoxification, downstream and upstream with the necessary tools to help you detoxify your cells and take charge of your health.

Club Resources

Our Toolbox

Everything you need to support your journey towards better health. You will find ebooks, cheatsheets, PDFs, handouts, infographics and more!

Our Webinars

Recorded videos with valuable information to be watched at your convenience.

Our Recipes

Nourishing and healthy recipes that are not only delicious but easy to prepare. You will find shakes, salads, soups, salad dressings, sauces, cupcakes, desserts and a lot more!

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