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Pattern Disruption

“ Discipline can help you survive, Flexibility is what helps you thrive”- Dr Sonya

Certainty, security, and stability. It is what we crave and what dictates many of our life decisions. Whether it be for our health, finances, education, and of course relationships. Without even knowing it, this belief of needing certainty in our lives has been embedded in our subconscious driving the direction our lives have taken.

For some that may look like getting the job that pays well but maybe doesn’t stir your heart. For some it may look like no speaking up when you boundaries are being pushed in fear of losing a relationship. For some it may look like a symptom that we are trying to suppress or ignore to not look weak or fragile. The manifestation may vary, the culprit however is the same.

Let’s take our health as an example. How often have we decided that tomorrow will be different, tomorrow I will eat different, exercise different, create self-talk that is different, only to find ourselves in the same rut or routine over and over again? Almost as if on autopilot just moving through the motions of life.

As humans, even though we desire the same, the safety, the known. We only grow in the unknown and the freedom that comes with it. The moment we can learn to embrace change, become flexible in how we think and perceive the world around us, is the moment doors begin to open and the thriving begins.

Because our brains are wired for survival and change challenges that part of us creating havoc in the amygdala which will activate fight or flight and whole other level of anxiety, creating flexibility is no easy task. There is a pattern disruption that needs to occur in the neurons that are holding on ever so tightly to keep things the same, to keep you the same. It takes daily, consistent variation to start slowly pulling those neurons apart to start creating new ones that allow flexibility and growth. Imagine how that would open your world up!

So here are 5 ways to get our power back and become limitless!

1. Temperature Variation:

Cold showers, I know, sounds horrible, but hear us out.
It can increase your circulation, increase metabolism, and even support your immune system!

2. Fasting.

Again uncomfortable. It is an opportunity to teach your body and mind how to adapt.

3. Pattern Disruption:

Walk a different route to work, order a new dish at a restaurant, call up an old friend and tell them how you feel about them, pick a new color to wear, anything goes!

4. Meditation:

Activate parts of your brain that have been asleep because we are more often stuck in a state of survival. Downregulate the sympathetic nervous system and activate the parasympathetic5. Brain Map and Neurofeedback. Use the power of technology to tell you exactly where you need support and create a plan to shift those patterns and neurons.

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