Favourite Products

PerfectAminoXP Powder

Pure essential Amino Acids in a form that is both 99% utilized and fully absorbed within 20-30 minutes! Vegan, non GMO, sweetened with stevia. We absolutely love this product, we recommend it on both fasting and eating window depending on your goals. Suggested as a pre or post workout as well as a complement to optimize healing.

Andreas Seed Oils

Using natures most powerful superfood seeds to improve overall health, the technology and quality of these oils are like no other.

Revelation Health Supplement Store

Most of the products we recommend to our patients and use are available on this website. Our favourites include: Pure Form Omega, Skin Colonizer, Revitin, Asea, Atrantil and IonBiome!

Brain Tap

A non-invasive, deeply relaxing, light, sound and visualization technology to create optimal brain wave states. Try their 15 day trial and discover the magic of this biohacking tool! We use it with our kids and at our Longevity Lab!

Rapid Release

A non-invasive vibration therapy tool used to quickly release pain and stiffness of the muscles Helps support the lymphatic system and therefore the immune system.

Ion Foot Bath

One of our Longevity Lab tools, helps pull heavy metals and glyphosate out of your body to aid the detoxification process.

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