Food Sensitivity

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Test Type: Requires blood draw.

Food Sensitivity

$257- $325 USD
Measures IgG (intolerance or sensitivity reaction), antibodies levels are measure via an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay).
A food intolerance or sensitivity means that particular food triggered the production of antibodies creating a reaction that might come hours or days after the consumption. The symptoms can be anywhere from upset stomach to headaches, fatigue or skin rashes among others. Depending on the results from the test it can help determine if there is a leaky gut scenario and candida overgrowth as it is one of the things included in any of the panels available.
There are 3 different panels based on the amount of foods tested:
  • Basic =125 foods
  • Enhanced = 222 foods
  • Vegetarian = 160 foods (including dairy and eggs)
Having trouble deciding which one is the right for you? Check out the foods tested, you want to pick the one that includes the foods you eat on a regular basis!

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