Women Unleashed Club

” My work in this world is to awaken women and help them unleash the light, love, compassion that she has for all those around her, to awaken it within herself for herself”

-Dr.Sonya Jensen

A community of women ready to step into their power

A community of women ready to step into their power, challenge the “norms” society and culture have imprinted on them. Women that are ready to unleash their awesomeness into the world!

It is time to rise together to remember your wisdom, remember your superpowers and remember that you hold the key to how we move forward and what we leave behind for future generations.

” Women, the guardians of the heart of this Earth and the life we feel and experience in it, the magical weavers of energy and beauty that all get to feel and embody, the breath that keeps society and communities in sync and growing, the teachers and the stewards of this journey of  life itself. Women should be revered and guarded because if women fall, it all falls”

-Woman Unleashed by Dr Sonya Jensen

A safe space for women to connect

We have created the women’s track in our Health Ignited community to create a safe space for women to connect, grieve, feel, learn, and step into a space of self-discovery that will allow her to reconnect with herself to better her relationship with the most important person in her life,herself, and then with others.

A space to reclaim herself and create a life of freedom from the chains given by society. A place where she gets to understand her body from the lens of another woman, not men in white coats studying other men while making conclusions for women.

It is time to step into self-responsibility, to get to know yourself in ways that will serve you for years to come, in community

What to expect:

Lets change the world together...

This community is important for so many reasons, the biggest being the change we will create in the world through healing ourselves.

A ripple effect that will resonate through our families, communities, the globe. THAT is how powerful we are, THAT is what we are called to do, THAT is what is needed in this moment.

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